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    257-A, 3rd Floor, Hauz Rani Market,
    Opp. Max Hospital-Saket,
    New Delhi-110017
    +91 - 11 - 266862 00/01/02
    +91 - 11 - 26686203
Director's Message
Hi, Thanks for taking out your time to view our Website and learn about our services.

You will be glad you did, we have what you want!

There are couples of reasons for that:
  1. We have a deep experience in this market space, over years Grapes Software has worked with Numerous Customers Unique Customers and have successfully delivered projects. We know the trade, and
  2. We know you or at least we think we know you, we listen to our customers and through our customers we learn.

Someone may not be our customer today but would be if we offer the right product.

You may already have a website, if you do then you have learnt that just setting up the Website is not the whole story, you have to maintain it, keep it updated from time to time, change the website as your business changes. This is tough with the outdated techniques your website runs on currently, it's not easy to use, and it's harder than you thought.

If you don't have a website surely you are interested in that, that's why you are here. We think you are probably not a very Tech Savvy Web User but your experience on the Web has taught you what a good website looks like, what the user experience should be, but it has not taught you how to set up a site or how to maintain one, but why  should you even learn that stuff anyway??  Your hands are full with your business, that where we come in.  Last but not the least; we are very well aware of where SEO services stand today. It's exciting to know that how SEO has moved from an understated garage operation to a multi-million dollar industry.  Even the small scale industries, have taken the advantages of SEO has to offer.  Our aim is to beat competition, increase in traffic and catapult your site to top search engine positions.

Based on our experience and our understanding of your needs we develop our newest and innovative designs and products. We use words that you can understand. We take care of your Website; you take care of your business.

Ask us for a free trail and thanks for considering us for your business needs.