3 Reasons You Need to Move from eCommerce to mCommerce

A research observed that more people are moving towards mobile phone from desktops, globally. While computers still dominate the working hours, mobiles and smart devices are used a lot before and after work hours. And why not! They are handy, have all the apps one requires, are affordable, and with a good internet connection, the world is the user’s oyster.

It is therefore not surprising to see the mobile adoption for companies that sell their goods online. While eCommerce still has a strong foothold on the market, mCommerce is making use of available technology and luring more people day by day. When you can buy the same thing at your convenience, why would you think of opening up your computer and laptop for the same?

If you have hired an eCommerce web development company to design an online portal for you, it is time to approach them again to make it adaptable for mCommerce now. Here are three reasons why you must consider it today, if you haven’t done it already:


  • It is convenient. Your customers can treat themselves to an array of goodies right at this moment, without fretting with their desktop. Whether they are travelling and want to buy the new food processor, or have just retired and are browsing through a golf kit – all they need to do is download an app.
  • Improved conversion rate. You want to make the experience for your customer as hassle-free as possible, don’t you? With the convenience of a mobile app your customer will not waste time on buying something, which means you get an improved conversion rate.
  • Integrating social media. With more and more people using social media platforms through their phone, the advantages display ads can bring you is immense. Not only is it real time purchase, but the option to buy something then and there without waiting is attractive too. It offers a faster shopping experience which the mobile user needs in today’s time and age.


Though the future seems to be more of a combination of eCommerce and mCommerce, you cannot lose upon a golden opportunity like this. Undoubtedly make use of eCommerce web development services, but at the same time also look toward solving a customer’s problem as and when the situation arises through mCommerce platforms.

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