4 Things to Know Before Creating SEO Strategy for Clients

A new client opens up a world of new possibilities, and more so when it is on the lookout for a stirred up digital marketing campaign that can be run Pan-India! After all, this is a full blown opportunity for an SEO company in India to transform an upcoming city business into a raving nationwide success. However, before you start with the challenging job of designing an SEO strategy for your client, here are 5 things that you must know about them.


  • Current Standing

If you wish to formulate an effective SEO strategy, the first thing you must concentrate on is your client’s present position. Do they need to create brand awareness, or are they looking to instigate the public’s interest in their offering! They can also be working towards making their product desirable, or simply wish for a higher response on the call-to-actions. Understanding the client’s short term goals must be your priority.

That being done, you can go head to discuss their long-term objective. One client might be inclined on a good ROI, while the other may wish to build a strong communication strategy. Getting a fair idea of your client’s intentions will not only help you as an agency go a long way in delivering competent SEO services in Delhi but almost anywhere across the country!

At this point, it can also prove to be helpful to take a sneak-peek into the available data regarding website engagement and organic reach.


  • Limitations

For an eCommerce website, prolonged shipping time can be a limitation. For a general website, the incoherence of content can be one. For someone in a common trade, industry competition might be pulling the business down. Whatever is it that you client lags in the business model can be made up for in the digital marketing strategy! The key here is to know the shortcomings in advance and act upon them before they blow up.


  • Competition

Check if the client has competitors. If so, see how they are performing both online and offline. It can help to understand their strengths and weaknesses, both in terms of business model and with respect to SEO strategies. At this point, make sure to pay heed to aspects like linking structure, content marketing strategies and social media optimisation.

Then again, see if your client has a USP which can help gain a competitive edge. Make the most of this information and design a strategy accordingly.


  • Partnership Preferences

Have a candid tête-à-tête with your client to understand whether they wish to run through every point of the strategy, or simply want you to deliver the results. Also see, if they have ongoing relationships with content writers, marketers or website designers that they would want you to work with. Let them know how this would help or hinder your planning and execution processes. More often than not, this will help you and your client to build a lasting understanding.


We hope that when you now approach a new client you will know exactly what information to seek in order to get things up and running. After all, “A good start is half the battle won!”

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