5 Practices to take Mobile User Experience to the Next Level

A mobile application’s success is dependent on many factors, but nothing is more important than the overall mobile user experience (UX) an app can offer to its user.

Countless number of elements when applied in a combination make your app’s UX unforgettable. And if you are a part of a mobile application development company in India then there are a few practices you must stick to for a solid way to go.

The following practices tried and tested in mobile application development in India will empower you to incorporate the best effective approaches, while eliminating the risk of delivering a frustration filled user experience.

Go back to the basics

Mobile users generally fall under one of the two categories: seekers (who are looking for something specific to get a task done) and collector (who browse to fill time). Once you have identified your user, focus on features that will enable them to achieve tasks in minimal steps with faster access to information.

User interface (UI) design

There are chances that without the right elements of your app’s UI (user interface) your mobile application development can go on standstill. Mobile platforms are updating themselves dramatically, changing their impact on users along with. An accommodating user interface that keeps up with the ever changing mobile landscape will help you take advantage of these new features.


A mobile app requires to be super functional with the ability to process different features within the app at any given time, and not just something beautiful to look at. Minimalism’s approach is to present the user with what they need to know, without the burden of memorizing other irrelevant information.

Onboarding experience

Delivering a top notch onboarding experience is the one and only shot at creating the first impression. The foundation for attracting and retaining a user, onboarding experience’s goal is to show the value of your mobile app to its user, by exhibiting how quickly and efficiently can they achieve what they want. This will also lead to increased sign-ups and lesser drop-offs.

Measuring qualitative data

Utilizing app UX analytics to monitor key metrics and quantitative data will allow you to dig deeper into the user’s experience, thus giving you a chance to refine and optimize your app.

Personalizing UX, adding gestures to make a user more comfortable to aboard the app, using the right colours to make the user react in the desired way are little more guiding principles to develop an exceptional user experience. Also, refining the mobile app’s UX is integral in maintaining an edge over your competition.

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