7 SEO URL Practices You Must Apply Right-away

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SEO is as vast as you want it to be. Top companies like Grapes Digital that provide SEO services in Delhi, expertise in knowing what works, and what does not work anymore. Most importantly, they keep an eye on the future of SEO.

If you are new to this and wish to be a part of SEO companies in Delhi or India, then you must learn the game rules swiftly and thoughtfully.

Ironically, learning the right SEO practices is not as difficult as everyone makes it look like. Though there are many segments that you will have to learn, and will learn as time passes by, here are 7 SEO URL practices you must follow right away to stay on top of the game:

  • Use a single domain and subdomain whenever possible. Your website is far more likely to rank well if it’s all together on one root and sub domain; even if a subdomain is the only way to set up some content you require.
  • More readable the URL is, the better. An easily readable URL is not only better for the user, but better for search engines too. The accessibility it brings also leverages advanced user, and usage data signals to determine what people are engaging with.
  • Add keywords in URLs. Keywords in the URL helps the user to know what to expect from the webpage. Be it social media or email, content with a clearer URL will be preferred over the ones that do not take care of this prominent element.

Moreover, URLs get copied and pasted on regular basis. In case when there is no anchor text in a link, the URL serves as the anchor text.

  • Canonicalize URLs. If you have two URLs that serve similar content, consider canonicalizing them to get a better chance at ranking, and thus more visits.
  • Shorter, the better. An ideal URL must be 50-60 characters long for better usability, improved user experience, easy sharing on social media, embedding, etc. If your URLs go beyond 100 characters, it is time to rewrite them.
  • Fewer folders gives you added weightage. It’s not that they harm performance, but they make editing more complex, and create a negative impression. Keep your website light and easy to navigate.
  • Limit redirection hops. If a user is redirected from URL A to URL B, and in few cases even URL C, search engines may not count the ranking signals. Keep direction hops to a minimum, and stay out of trouble.

It’s important to understand here that not every aspect of the URL needs to be perfect. SEO is not about we-won’t-get-a-rank-if-we-do-not-practice-these, it is more about it-will-be-great-if-we-practice-these.

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