All about Responsive Web Designing

There were times when one website was created in different manners to support different platforms. Such website development work not only used to cost much, but used to be a tedious and time consuming process as well. With the advancement in coding and scripting, the web development changed drastically and Responsive Web Designing was introduced.

A scripting technique to introduce fluidity and enhance user experience, responsive web designing approach is taken by leading web development companies like Grapes Software. In simple terms, Responsive Web Designing or RWD is an approach to develop desktop web pages in such a manner that they can be viewed in response to any screen size or browser, irrespective of the device used, disabling the limitations of recommended browsers or devices to access. RWD is used to provide usability of designs, content and information across all platforms and devices. It is one of the web development services offered to enhance the user experience.

As quoted by late Mr. Bruce Lee, “If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot”, this approach works similarly and enables the web pages to adapt themselves as per the platform, device and browser.

How RWD works?

In order to make the site responsive across all the platforms, RWD adapts the viewing environment through the use of flexible images, CSS3 media queries and fluid, proportion based grids.

  • The size of flexible images is created in such a manner that they do not display outside of their containing element.
  • CSS3 Media queries assist in addressing the width and characteristics of the device the webpage is viewed upon by allowing the web page to use respective CSS style of the device.
  • Fluid grid enables the relative page element sizing, instead of the regular absolute units.

Whether you choose a web development company from Bangalore or Delhi, make sure your website is optimized to display on all the major platforms and browsers.

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