Basics of Test Automation for Android Apps

Automation for Android Apps

Change is the only constant, so we have heard; and when it comes to the world of mobile phones and the likes, change seems to be the only constant. OEMs launch new devices, software updates and customization’s every now and then to entice their customers, but this also presents serious challenge to developers who strive hard to keep their products in sync with the new updates.

Every android apps development company understands that mobile development ought to be agile, and therefore must bring into picture professional automated testing software so that they can concentrate on staying creative; without worrying about producing high-quality, robust, and reliable software. A testing software also:

  • Increases testing efficiency
  • Increases testing effectiveness
  • Increase the coverage of testing process

An android mobile app development company must benefit from the following points when automating mobile app testing:

  • Cost and assets: time, people, infrastructure, tools, training, these all form a part of assets and resources, all of which cost money. Automated testing certainly helps in cost-saving.
  • Integrated testing cycle: the software being updated needs to be often tested during all development cycles. A software must be tested on all variants of operating systems and all configurations of hardware.
  • Test coverage & usability: an automated software based testing will check all aspects of your product, thus increasing the depth and scope of tests, and significantly improving product quality.

Areas to focus on in mobile apps and games testing:

  • User interface and functionality: encompassing visual appeal and gameplay, these comprise of UI layouts & elements, menu structure & functions, screen orientation & resolution, etc.
  • Graphics performance: to determine if your app/game runs effectively under heavy load, for a long time, and on real devices.
  • User experience: responsiveness, background events, interruptions, battery consumption, all affect the overall experience for a user.
  • Social integration: in today’s scenario when social media is a part of everyone’s daily life, being able to share something across all platforms holds a lot of importance.
  • Security: identifying vulnerabilities and licensing restrictions with third party code is more than often neglected by developers. This should be an important part to look into while testing, and must be considered from every scenario possible.

Android application development companies like Grapes Digital understand that testing is an important step to ensure success in this highly competitive landscape. Leaving it for end will not yield you the same results, it must be an active part of development since day one.

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