Choosing the Right Font for Your Next Android App

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You cannot wear the same shirt every day. You cannot eat the same food every day. You cannot follow the same routine every day unless there is a bit of change in it.

Then how can you expect your user to use your mobile app every day, without giving them something new every now and then? And one interesting way to do so is through fonts!

While preloaded fonts on smartphone and tablets allows one to read anything easily, they can become monotonous and boring after a while. And with a plethora of fonts to choose from, any android application development company can develop an app for you that allows the user to change the fonts every week, if not every day.

Things to Consider

There are few things to consider to ensure that the font chosen for your company is working well for you, and your users. These are:

  • Size and length – the main purpose of any content that you post on your app is to help the user reach their goals, and therefore the size & the length of the font can have a huge impact on the overall experience. Follow the golden thumb rule of 30-40 characters per line for your mobile app.
  • Color – while grey text on grey or white background is in, it is not worth it if the user cannot read your copy. It is important to test out the color on every device imaginable, and have enough contrast so that users can read the text when outdoors or in bright spaces.
  • Serif vs. sans – ask any android application development company in Mumbai, Bangalore or anywhere else in India and they’ll tell you why is it necessary to consider the difference between the two. For starters, serif fonts have small lines at the end of each stroke, sans serif font do not have these.

While serifs improve readability by gently guiding the eye in a horizontal direction, the altered outline of each letter makes it difficult to read for people with visual disabilities.

Few Best Fonts to Choose From

  • Open Sans – designed with excellent legibility characteristics and a friendly appearance.
  • Lato – its semi-rounded details gives a feeling of warmth, stability and seriousness.
  • Abril Fatface – its clean curves lend a refined touch that displays both neutrality and high contrast.
  • Ubuntu – enables clarity on desktop and mobile computing screens.
  • Vollkorn – quiet, modest, works well for everyday use.

Fonts play an important role in making or breaking an app. Hire a company or developer who understands why fonts are a crucial element. Grapes Digital is a mobile apps development company in Delhi who designs apps not for designers but for users. They understand things like what are your users expecting, what device your audience usually uses, what is the app trying to accomplish, etc. and incorporate fonts that uplifts the whole experience.

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