E Commerce Website Essentials: The Top 10 List

It is needless to say how eCommerce websites are blooming and these business setups are reaching new extremities of success by adopting various tactics and models. If you are looking for generating better revenues out of your eCommerce website or looking for starting one, you have landed on the right blog. You might be wondering what designers may present you with best eCommerce website design in Delhi or the best eCommerce website designing company in Delhi, then you have the answer: Grapes Digital. It is one of the leading companies, offering effective and user friendly eCommerce website development in Delhi. While running a business may or may not be something like rocket science, but defining the design for eCommerce site is not. Here are the top 10 essential things you need to check for creating a fail-proof eCommerce website:

  1. A clear logo: The visibility of your brand’s logo is directly proportional to the brand recognition and to sales. A clear logo is much more than merely a logo, but rather a business card for your business, whether a start-up or a well-recognized brand. As the brand grows, they can go minimal with designs and options, yet standing out par-excellence with their brand value.
  2. Right things at right place: Customers want everything right at the place they are visiting, they rather look up for things onto the homepage, instead of browsing through pages to pages, tabs to tabs. Home page is the best place to showcase the best of products, news, notifications about upcoming sales and events. Never make it hard for the customers to search or look out for the news or deals. The most important job of your website’s homepage is to grab attention and it is your job to create ideas to get their attention by posting the relevant stuff.
  3. Offer offers: Customers lose their mind when it comes to offers, sales and deals. The deals and offers offered by your business will decide, whether the customers will like your site or not. And surely, everyone loves free shipping, so plan the costing accordingly to offer free delivery for the ordered products.
  4. Options: Three options are a must-have for each and every eCommerce website, never ever miss adding any of these to the site. These are, shopping cart, search box and private login. The login helps the customers to save their desirables in a separate cart, further proceeding to conversions/sales. The search box helps in searching same and similar products out of the lot. These options all together assist the customers in easy segregation and shop.
  5. Social media involvement: It is human nature to involve people while making a purchase, for having an opinion and acceptance. This is why, you should not forget to incorporate social media handles and links to help you evolve and get better conversions. His involvement also aids in getting great self-promotion opportunities, identifying super active customers and non-familiar ones as well.
  6. Human touch: No matter how digital the world may turn into, people always like that human touch and to connect with customer service executives for seeking pre and post sales queries. While the shopping can be done 24X7, the customer service has to be there 24×7 as well, whether through calling or through online live support. These add-on to the belief of customers in your brand and business.
  7. Security: Make the website secure for users to transact and shop. This can be done and portrayed through the use of trust marks or small logos of the vendor you are using the security of. These logos enable the customers to build a trust into your business, a sense of security and sharing their confidential information for the transactions.
  8. Guides: Shopping indeed is a tedious task, where customers are usually confused with what to buy and what will suit their requirement. This is why, you may add a ‘how-to’ guide, with the topics related to your business and products, facilitating the customers to have a better shopping experience altogether.
  9. Store locators: For many a businesses, there are websites, along with brick and mortar stores as well. This is why, such businesses must incorporate a separate tab for locating their stores on the map, for providing an ease of access to the customers in finding the stores and having a real feel to the desired product.
  10. Payments: What type of payments you accept, what countries you deliver in and what cards you accept, everything should be listed with clarity. This is to provide an ease to the customers and for the same, offer maximum numbers of payment options to have better conversions.

These were the top ten essentials that an eCommerce website must have, in order to run a smooth business, have better conversions and great turnovers year after year. As quoted earlier, there is no rocket science involved, all it is about human behaviour, requirements and the ease of access. The security, ease and comfort of the customer while surfing through the website is directly proportional to the conversion, brand recognition and sales.

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