Here’s How to Strike a Bond with Your Clients

Taking the leap into building your own company proves incredibly rewarding for most. But, along with being your own boss comes countless issues that one faces, especially in the relationships one develops with the clients. The blame can be put on the fact that each of us feel that the work done by the other person is easier, until we have done it ourselves.

As a company that offers website development services, where you have to deal with clients from morning till night, it is important that your clients understand and value your work. One of the best ways of doing this is to improve their opinion by either telling them directly, or by letting them understand through your collaboration.

Let’s look at few ways that can help you strike a bond with your clients from the get-go:


  • You work with a team of artists, not labourers.

There’s a striking difference between creative work, which you do, and labour work which takes place in factories. In order to deliver outstanding work, you have a team that has the right talent, skills, and experience, and that team must be respected.


  • Out of the box thinking comes at a price.

Regardless of what everyone things, designing ain’t easy, and people who make it look like a child’s work come with a price tag. Designers, developers, writers, and other team members of a website development company spend years on learning skills that make them an expert. A client’s feedback must always be welcomed as they know what they are looking for, but they should trust you for doing your job right.


  • Design agencies too have working hours.

Explain to your client from day one that you have working hours like everybody else. Make sure you convey your work hours loud and clear, and stick to it yourself. Setting these boundaries will make certain that the client calls you during office hours and has realistic expectations from you.


  • You have a reason behind taking decisions, and that should be explained.

Everyone knows what works in their respective industry and what does not. Your client knows the in-and-out of his/her industry, and the same is applicable to you. Try and explain the motive behind making a decision to add or eliminate elements, despite the client’s feedback. A logical answer will help them trust you and your capabilities better.


  • Keep clients involved as they know what they need; but to a limit.

Take ample of time to understand the client’s requirement, and to answer all their queries. Once they have seen how keenly you gather all information, they will go easy on you at least till you have presented the work done. Constant feedback and discussing ideas on what you are doing will assure them that the end result is going to be better than what is expected. At the same time, keep your deadlines, charges, and motives clear.


  • Positive communication is crucial.

As you have invested your time and energy in the project, so has your client invested his/her money. Make sure you keep the communication on at every stage to avoid conflicts as work progresses, since that is the only way you can find out what your client thinks and wants.


  • There’s nothing like one-small-final-change.

It’s a myth that does not exist. Sign a contract before starting the work to clarify from day one what should be expected and what not. While one or two changes are acceptable, you do not want to invest the same amount of time for one small colour change. Explain to your client why constant changes are not welcomed as it takes the same amount of time, or better still, mention a revision clause with extra charges in the contract.


A professional attitude leaves a lasting impression on everyone. Showing up on time, dressing appropriately, being organized, writing professional and well-thought e-mails, and meeting deadlines will ensure you are taken seriously by the client. Website development is serious business you hold an expertise in. Your client will leave his questions at home if they know your working style and receives satisfactory answers to every query.

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