How Google’s AMP Project is Changing the Mobile Web

When statistics reveal that 40 per cent users abandon a poor-performing website in merely 3 seconds, it is time to get at the top of the game. And this is exactly what Google did.

The search engine giant launched its open-source framework, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project in February 2016, to speed up mobile web’s performance. Through this, Google aims at achieving a consistent standard for web pages when delivering content to any mobile device like a phone or a tablet, ensuring that these pages load instantly. This dedicated framework, the Google AMP project will reduce the limitations of mobile browsers like poor rendering content, high data costs, slow loading times, etc.

Google AMP to speed up the web and eliminate any sluggish mobile browsing experience, has developed a simplified version of HTML that are specifically for mobile devices. What makes AMP load faster, is that they impose restrictions on the resource-heavy JavaScript and allow only the most performing design patterns. Along with, it makes use of server-side rendering components to cache page content on Google servers, to facilitate the content to reach the browser sooner than later. At present, there are over 2 million Google Accelerated Mobile Pages online on over 900k domains worldwide.

AMP is important because by helping a web page load faster it potentially improves the website’s usability and leads to better engagement with the visitor; resulting in a lower bounce rate and improved ranking. However, AMP needs to be backed by relevant, interesting, and original content. Once you have integrated Google AMP with your website and have enhanced the content, AMP can help you reach out to more potential visitors through improved ranking.

Though the project is still in its initial stage, websites are migrating quickly, and if you haven’t given it a thought yet, then it is time you do so. Know more about top 3 SEO trends that will dominate this year.

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