How Microcopy has a Huge Impact on UX Design

Creating appealing and interesting user experience interface is not an easy deal. At times, people do not realise, how much efforts are put in to create a smooth and interactive interface, but perhaps that is the beauty of it. The UX design has to be that interactive and appealing that it catches users’ attention and works without a glitch. And while designing a UX web design, it is rather easy to get caught up in the colour, fonts and flow selection. The component of the UX design that brings delight to the user is Microcopy.

In the simplest of terms, Microcopy is a short sentence or word, which is targeted in an extremely contextual manner to do a number of jobs, or in other words, serving as a weapon. As per the UX design principles, microcopy is the term used for the tiny portion of content across the application that enables users to carry out various types of tasks. These can be as short as error messages, form explainers or even hints. Ironically, no matter how small they seem or feel, their impact on UX design is quite much.

While these copies enable the user to carry out different types of functions, these need to be precise and crisp. Usability testing enables in testing the usable and non-usable microcopies, so that they can be tweaked as per the requirements.

Another impact of these microcopies on the interaction design is that they present the human touch in the app. While everything is getting automated and smarter, getting the human touch in apps facilitates the earning of users’ trust in the app.

Who doesn’t like surprises, be it the app developer or the user him/herself. Add-in a dash of surprise for the user through microcopy, a well-placed message for the user and you have made their day. You may add a microcopy by adding your messages at one or more of these places, including, the loading screen, empty state, error, on-boarding flow or at success message.

Although these things do not count much, but together, they create a huge impact on UX design.

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