How to Use Google Analytics & Goal Settings for LeadSquared

LeadSquared is one of the best tools for Lead Management; it facilitates to Build Landing Pages, Mailers and Custom Forms for Marketing Campaigns.  Although LeadSquared has its own rich sets of tracking mechanism to track visitors and Form Submissions, but implementing Google Analytics with LeadSquared increases the analysis scope for our Digital Campaign.

Let’s start with step by step implementation of GA in LeadSquared.

1.  Go to Landing Page List of LeadSquared

2.  Create a Landing Page Name “Thank You” with Basic Settings


3.  Put Analytics Code in Other Actions text area at the Bottom of your New Landing Page “Thank You”



4. Now you need to redirect your Landing Page submissions to your newly created “Thank You” Page


5. Similar to “Thank You” page you should ensure that all your Landing Pages have Analytics Code as described in Step-3.

6.  Now All Done At LeadSquared Level.  You need to Create Goals for “Thank You” page or any other landing page as created/required in Google Analytics.


How It Works:  When any user fills the form build by LeadSquared over Landing Page, on submission of the form it automatically redirects the user to the “Thank You” page. Both landing pages (Where the form is filled and the Thanks You page) trigger the Analytics Code and ‘Goal Settings’ capture every submission as one single goal.

Reports:  In LeadSquared system you can obtain the Leads submission data as well as data pertaining to Source and Medium. It also provides Campaign Information send by Tracking URL. Apart from it Google Analytics provide detailed information about traffic and conversion source.

If you liked LeadSquared setup and usage details then do come back for more of such information related to website traffic and analytics. In case you have any queries/problems related to LeadSquared setup then you can comment below and we will try to resolve the query as soon as possible.

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