Keyword Ranking in SEO Does Not Matter So Much, But The Organic Traffic Does

A fundamental step towards optimizing your website is to understand website traffic. Because if you do not understand SEO marketing, even large quantities of content won’t bring you any profit. And when you do understand it step by step, even a small amount of content will do the trick.

SEO keyword ranking is not limited to simply using few trending keywords in the content. How well those keywords are placed, and how many people use them on search engines matters a lot. After all, every website focuses on attracting audiences through organic traffic and not by paying huge amounts for paid traffic.

What is Organic Traffic?

Two ways lead someone to your website. First, when you promote your website through a PPC campaign or mention it on any other website which brings the visitor to your website.

The other way is when someone types in a query on a search engine that leads to a particular webpage on your website having relevant content. Publishing quality and relevant content play an important role here, as that is what attracts someone towards your site.

Importance of Organic Traffic

  • A drawback with paid traffic is that many a times automated machines too click on the link provided. This doesn’t happen with organic traffic as the webpage comes on SERP only when a particular keyword / phrase is searched for, and when the visitor clicks to probe the content further. Real human traffic leads to real conversion too.
  • Organic traffic comes with relevant and original content that is hard to beat by your competitors, which means that your webpage will enjoy regular visitors and your ranking will top the list until someone else publishes better content.
  • Google analytics favour websites that are full of valuable and original information, and those that are capable of attracting the largest amount of organic traffic. Organic SEO increases the chances of better Google keyword ranking too, which means your website will top the list on SERP.
  • Better keyword search engine ranking also increases the chance of genuine clicks that want to access your website, and this can lead to better conversions, which means increased profits in business.

Better the content, better the ranking on search engine, and better the chance of organic traffic that is genuinely interested in your website content. Moreover, where PPC is a temporary plan, organic SEO gives long-term results while being cost effective at the same time. If you are unsure how to go about it, hire a SEO service provider that knows how to increase organic traffic and give you better ROI.

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