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For a HTML5 web design company, designing a web page is as important as ensuring that the website performs well, has higher visitor engagement, retention & conversion. By and by, the success of a website depends on the HTML performance. And with the rise in use of mobile devices for browsing a website, the speed of websites have become an important factor.

Three main ways to boost your website’s performance are: hardware, server-side scripting optimization, and front-end performance. Website (front-end) performance in html5 development must always be your top priority, especially when there is so much online competition. Here are few easy ways to make your websites load faster and retain a happy visitor:

• Profiling your webpages will enable you to find aspects that may need optimization, as well as help you find components that you need to get rid of. There are many web-based tools available that help indicate the component requested by the user, and also the length of time taken for the component to load. You can then keep these components as small and as light as possible.

• Saving images in the right format will help you reduce their size. JPEG is the best format for realistic images with smooth gradients and color tones, whereas GIF or PNG are ideal for charts and logos that have solid colors.

• Optimize images by proper formatting and compression so that the browser takes lesser time to download images without losing their visual quality. Use CSS to generate graphics instead of images.

• Reduce the size of CSS and JavaScript documents by removing unneeded characters (like tabs, spaces, comments) from the source code during HTML 5 development.
• Combine CSS and JavaScript files to reduce the HTTP requests. This will trim down the HTTP request overhead required to generate a web page.

• External CSS and JavaScript files are cached by default by the user’s browser which saves time to download them again. Using a lot of inline CSS and JavaScript during html5 development will not allow you to take advantage of this feature.

• Unload some of your site’s assets and features to third party web services to improve the response time of your web pages.

• Amend broken links to avoid bad requests that result in 404/401 error. Though these don’t cause any download, it takes up the user’s time.

Along with these, it is crucial to conduct regular monitoring of the web server’s performance; any shortfall in it will affect your website’s performance. There are many tools available that can be used to highlight the troublesome areas that you need to address. Whether you get the website made in-house or get it outsourced, always hire an experienced HTML 5 developer or a company who has a team of experts like Grapes Digital in Delhi.
Speedy websites not just improve the user’s experience on your website, but creates a better overall web experience.

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