The Importance of Images in Web Design

A picture paints a thousand words, so we have heard.

Albeit, when it comes to website designing, images have proved to be the most powerful trend that has grown stronger each day. Be it photographs, cartoons, illustrations, infographics, GIFs or other visual elements, each define emotions behind the content, and are the best way to highlight a product.

Role of images in web design

Considered the strongest and the best aspect of a website by almost every web development company or agency in the world, images give the space and opportunity to a product to sell itself. When used in the right way, they have the ability to not only showcase the product at its best, but also make the visitor feel connected and comfortable with the website.

Easier on the eyes, images make it easier to process information, and create a richer experience for the user.

A few reasons why images are equally important if not more, than the content for many web designing companies are:

  • Images are the first thing a user sees on the website.
  • An image has the potential to define the mood, content, tone of the web page before anyone reads a word.
  • Images that are hyperlinked are clicked more than textual links, when given the option.
  • A web page with a good and relevant image is more likely to be shared than the one with only text.

The best way to utilize an image is to make use of large images that are impossible to miss, combined with 3-4 words that give a true idea of what the image is about.

Your company’s website is your ultimate storyteller, and a powerful image provides a simple, interesting, and effective solution that helps you narrate the whole story and make a lasting first impression. They can also successfully increase your time-on-site, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.

How to choose a good image?

The best web designing companies define good images as those that:

  • Grab the user’s attention and urges them to browse further.
  • Are relevant and in sync with the message conveyed on the respective webpage.
  • Can compel the user to take the desired action because of their high quality and high resolution.
  • Are unique and never seen before.

It is important to remember that images have the potential to:

  • Add life to your products/services
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase the average number of pages visited & the time spent on the website
  • Improve your site’s SEO (through meta-data, captions, etc.)
  • Boost number of social shares, among others

Images are a powerful opportunity that can drive visitors to your website and ultimately upsurge your business. They can directly or indirectly convey an emotion and affect nearly everything. Be sure to choose your images carefully and make your website more interesting and interactive.

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