The Importance of Integrating Social Media in your Website

We live in a digital world that is undoubtedly dominated by social media. With a majority of people being connected to these social sites, it is not surprising to find a web designing agency make use of these platforms to help their clients reach their potential consumers.

It is no longer a luxury, but the need of the hour to create your brand’s presence on social media sites, and integrate them in your website. Enabling users to share content on your website with their friends or family; and at the same time giving them an easy access to visit your company’s social media pages, will eventually grow the referral traffic, and in turn increase your website’s ranking on search engines. Though you always have the choice to know more about it through a web development company, let’s get to know a few of the advantages before you approach one.


Few benefits of integrating social media in your website are:

  • Direct & increased connections & trust factor. Communicating news and updates becomes more straightforward through social media pages. This supports your professional following, albeit you take extra care to create engaging content. A hike in fan following psychologically boosts the legitimacy of your website and business, and builds up your customer’s trust quotient.


  • Extended business hours. Your website and social media pages both allow for all-the-round clock business. People can reach out to your website via social media pages, and vice versa. With a bit of planning, it can maximize the scope of instant communication, customer service response, and feedback.


  • Online referrals through personalized advertising. The concept of word-of-mouth marketing works wonders on social media. A single positive post from one source to another is enough to ignite interest, and an opportunity for you to promote your business through what we know as – social influence.


  • Social sharing through comments. Integrating social media in your website is not just confined to sharing the link of a web page. A thoughtfully designed website that has a blog section, will also have the option for the user to post a comment, which can again generate a lot of word-of-mouth referrals as it can be cross-posted on your social media page’s feed.


The list of advantages goes way beyond the one’s mentioned above. The power of having a website that is rich with relevant content, and having a presence on social media platforms with engaging content is enough to uplift any business. Imagine the world of possibilities when you throw the two in together!

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