The Top 3 SEO Trends That Will Dominate This Year

Search Engine Optimization is something even the biggest of brands cannot do without today. Hiring an SEO company in India is the very first step any multinational company opening its doors here takes. But SEO is just as ever-changing as it is important. Every company with a bright vision for its future must not only comply with the current SEO trends but also keep track of the ongoing changes in the sector. Here is a glimpse of what may drive SEO in the near future:

  • UX will play a large role

While SEO has quite a few technical elements to it, it is still primarily an art form. SEO professionals need to understand the interaction between the people and the web today. Google’s obsession with the user has made search results more and more customized, giving user experience (UX) a major role to play in search. If a brand’s content is not engaging the users, it will lose out.

  • AMP will become a ranking factor

As smartphone has risen as the dominant device among the masses, Google’s priority too has shifted to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Users love speed and are likely to leave a website that doesn’t load within seconds. Therefore, while AMP may not be a ranking signal currently, it is sure to have a big impact in the near future.

  • AI will determine search results

Google’s idea of developing RankBrain, a machine-learning artificial intelligence system to help rank search results is perfectly understandable. Over time, as an AI system learns patterns and understands content, results are bound to get more and more accurate. AI will also be an end of black-hat SEO.

Search engine optimization is certainly a great way for a brand to make it big globally. And the fact that companies providing SEO services in Delhi or any other metropolitan city are available in abundance makes it easier for even the local brands to make their mark. But it is important to hire a proficient SEO company for the purpose having a highly professional workforce and years of experience.

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