The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to SEO Audit Part III

A standard procedure for any website, SEO audits are a must if you are serious about your business on the internet. Whether you hire an SEO company in India, or take on board a freelancer who offers SEO services in India, an SEO audit not only gives you a better insight into your website, individual web pages and the overall traffic it receives, but is also a great way to improve rankings in SERPs.

In the first part of this series, we learnt about how to prepare for an SEO audit and the foremost step of analysis; and the second part took us through two more steps of analysis and also spoke about search engine penalties. This concluding part of the series will talk about the last two steps of SEO analysis and the importance of SEO audit reports.

4) Off-page Ranking Factors

While factors related to on-page ranking plays an important role in determining a website’s position in search engine rankings, they are a piece of a bigger puzzle. Focusing on ranking factors generated by external sources holds equal importance.

  • Popularity: popular websites need not be useful at the same time, but their popularity camouflages their flaws and allows them to attract attention & influence people. Not an essential metric to monitor, popularity is a valuable predictor.

A website’s popularity can be evaluated through the traffic it gains, if it is outpacing competitor’s website, and whether the website is receiving backlinks from other popular websites.

  • Trustworthiness: though every individual has his/her own unique interpretation of trust, it is easier to identify behaviour that is accepted as trustworthy by evaluating the websites it links to and the websites it receives links from.
  • Malware and spam: two most important elements, malware and spam need to be in check through a number of ways like blacklists and analysis services. And while you are on investigating spammy behaviour you must take a look into:
    • Keyword stuffing, refers to unnaturally high keyword density.
    • Hidden/invisible text, refers to present content to search engines that is usually hidden from users.
    • Cloaking, refers to showing search engines something different from what others see.
  • Backlink Profile: a great way to identify opportunities for improvement. A website’s quality is determined by the sites linking to it and there is an expanding list of tools available to find backlink data.
  • Social engagement: the ability to attract social mentions and create new social conversations speaks a lot about the success of a website.

5) Competitive Analysis

You do not win a battle based on your own strengths; you win a battle when you know your competitor’s weakness and ways to bank on it. This rule fits aptly in this situation.

Once you have analysed your website and are done with the SEO audit, it is time to start analysing your competitor’s website to know more about how you can exploit their weakness to your profit.

SEO Audit Report

Now that you are done with the SEO audit, it is time to put together all the observations into an actionable report. To make it more effective, here are three important points to consider:

  • Writing for multiple audiences: reports are all about technical observations and even more technical recommendations. While a tech-savvy person will enjoy reading this report, it is crucial to keep it easy-to-understand for every kind of audience who might not have a deep understanding of SEO.
  • Prioritize: highlight the important points and keep the most pressing issues with their solutions for the beginning of the report. This prioritization will save time for those who plan to merely glance through the report, and allow the responsible person to take action with ease.
  • Provide with logical and actionable suggestions: offer specific examples of recommendations to get the ball rolling.

SEO audit is a crucial process that can help you improvise your website and make it more visible to Google, thus leading to more traffic and eventually more conversions. If done right, it will determine where your website stands currently and outline metrics & factors that you should focus on.

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