Things to Remember When Planning a Mobile App’s Architecture

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The importance of planning in advance cannot be overlooked in an iOS app development company. And when we talk about planning for a mobile application’s architecture, it becomes all the more important to plan in advance:

  • To design more effective architectures on the .NET platform.
  • To choose the right technologies.
  • To make more valuable decisions related to key engineering.
  • To map out apt strategies and patterns.
  • To think clearly about the application’s architecture approaches and practices.

The choices that you take while planning for a mobile app’s architecture has a major impact on its success, and eventually the business’s success. And if you are a company that offers iOS app development services, it is important that you keep these points in mind to build a success story.

  • Opt for designing a rich client application if your app requires local processing, and needs to work in an occasionally connected scenario.
  • Choose a thin client application if your app can depend on server processing and needs to be fully connected at all times.
  • RIA client must be chosen if your app requires limited access to local resources, and must be portable to other platforms.
  • Every app is not made for every kind of device. When choosing the device type, consider the screen size, resolution (DPI), memory, storage space, CPU performance, availability of development tools, etc. You may also require specific hardware such as camera, speakers, or GPS, and these may impact not only your application but also your device choice.
  • Consider the effects of receiving a phone call during program execution. The mobile app must be allowed to suspend and resume or even exit the application.
  • It is vital to design the caching, state management, data access mechanisms, etc., with intermittent network connectivity in mind. There can be times when a network connection is not available, and factors like low bandwidth, high latency, etc. will impact your design.
  • Aim to achieve the smallest footprint on the device by simplifying your design. Take into account the limited CPU, memory, battery life, storage capacity, backlighting, specialized hardware, etc. These have an impact on the overall performance of your mobile application, therefore making app optimization important.
  • Though cache only data is necessary, if designing a memory intensive app, design a mechanism that prioritizes the data to be discarded from time to time by detecting low memory scenarios.

iOS app development in India is reaching new heights every day. With proper planning you can enhance your mobile app using device specific capabilities (haptic feedback, GPS, fingerprint reads, etc.) to take it a notch higher. Along with these points, Grapes Digital, an iOS application development company in Delhi, advises that it is better to plan designing for functionalities that exists on all devices and then customize the app for device specific features.

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