There exists a set of rules that is designed to follow by the designers out there and is formulated in a manner to get it aligned with the expectation of the visitors. This set of rules is termed as web design standards, simply, a set of guidelines for clarity and usability. Take any web development company for designing websites, and they will be following these standards, if not, this company is not the right one for you. Grapes Digital is one of the best options to opt for having web development services and getting your website done. These are the web design standards, followed by majorly every web development company across the globe:

  • Logo to the top left: Any and every website has their logo on the top left corner of every page, making it a standard rule for the websites.
  • Contact to the top right: Many of the websites have their contact button on the top right side of every page, serving as an ease for the users to easily find it and reach out.
  • Main navigation on top: Most of the sites have the navigation bar at the top header in a horizontal fashion, serving as a web standard design.
  • Carousel: Home page comprises of many options, including the navigation bar and loads of irrelevant information, along with a slideshow of banners presenting images and messages, also known as a carousel.
  • Call to action: Visually prominent call to action is a highly preferred option for most of the websites, making it feasible and easy for the users to access.
  • Search bar: Search bar not only facilitates the users in looking for same or similar products, but at the same time, enables proper segregation of product listings. This is more of a standard bar, needing to be incorporated for all sites, where required.

Whether you choose a web development company from Bangalore or Delhi, or wherever across the globe, these are the standard designs that your web developer should follow.

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