Website analytics is similar to a business report. It reflects how your website is received by the targeted users. However it is not just the measure of traffic or a tool to check the keywords from which you are earning the most; rather, it is a tool that also help streamline the efforts of the search engine optimization.

Website analytics carried out by experts can help reap high gains. Reading through those graphs and charts is no less tricky than astrology, and only an expert could bring out the most valuable assertions on basis of the web analytics. We at Grapes Digital have certified web analytics; who have years of experience and have proven their mettle time and again with their valuable input.

The web analytics reports prepared by our expert analysts offer the clients the true picture of their online business. The website report highlights the business strengths as well as weaknesses. Such reports further ensure the clients to cover up the weaknesses found in their online business. Our Web Analytics services offer our clients a complete overview of their online business performance and ways to better them. Some of the worth mentioning benefits of our website analytics services are as follows:

Benefits of Analytics

  • You have access to information about your users and visitors
  • You know how people behave on your landing pages
  • You can track conversion rate and determine if your online marketing efforts are giving you the proper return on investment
  • You have fast, easy access to your raw log files - and manipulate data for revealing results
  • Can Get separate statistic reports for each alias and sub-domain assigned to your primary domain—simply add them as separate Site Analytics accounts
  • Access to Visit-path of traffic over your website that lets you know how customers navigate through your site
  • Get reports in lucid format to give you to give you down-to-the-minute answers through custom date ranges
  • You have the option of getting reports in any of the three reporting options: Bar, Area, and Line for at-a-glance conclusions