Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateway is a virtual POS (Point-of-sale) terminal application that allows the financial transaction between ecommerce stores and the buyers. A payment gateway works by encrypting financial information like credit card numbers or bank account details etc and allows a secure transition of balances between the merchant establishment and the customers.

We at Grapes Digital develop and customize payment gateway modules and integrate them over your ecommerce websites. We have expertise in tweaking the core of the module as well as tailoring the skin of the gateway ensuring secure transaction and high trust value. At Grapes, we develop and integrate online payment gateways as well as offline or limited access gateways.

Types of Payment Gateway

Though there could only be two classification of types of payment gateways namely; offline and online, but the online payment gateways is further classified into two categories. The three types of payment gateways that we invariably deal with are as follows.

Merchant Account PG

This type of payment gateway requires the ecommerce business to have a merchant account. It is known to be more beneficial than any other type of PG. The integration of this gateway is tricky and requires expertise. Then, your users do not require leaving the website for payment processing. However, it is required that strict fraud prevention protocol should be developed and installed along with integration of this type of PG.

Third Party PG

Be it banks, financial institutions or payment gateway service providers such as CCAvenue, PayPal, PayU, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank; all of them have their custom payment gateways. These are called the third party gateways for online payment processing and we integrate the same over your ecommerce website. These are almost ready to use solutions and do not require registering the business as merchant. However, using such gateway is less economical than merchant account PG but at the same time is highly secured as the third part involved have strong security module in place.

Limited Access PG/Offline PG

This type of PG is ideally suited for the websites that have limited access. It is also used over intranet platform. These payment gateways are different from both merchant account PG's and third party PG's. At Grapes, we develop and integrate limited access payment gateways both for offline platforms such as for businesses that are connected with certain accounting solutions and also for limited access websites such as that of universities or of college campuses.
Limited Access PG/Offline PG

Working of Payment Gateway

  • When an online order is placed by the user it is forwarded to the server of the merchant establishment or directly to the financial institution in an encrypted format through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption
  • Order details the confirmed from the bank that has issued the credit or debit card details or other transactional details
  • The issuing bank processes the information and basis its authenticity the transaction is accepted or declined
  • On approval the transaction details are reflected whereas for declined transaction the error message appears on the screen
  • On successful transaction the receipt of the product or service in consideration is generated by the ecommerce website
  • The same receipt is sent to various recipients as need be and is also reflected over the screen
  • The user may choose to save the copy of the receipt as an acknowledgements of successful online transaction through an integrated payment gateway
  • These processes in total do not take more than 5-8 seconds facilitating the user to transact quickly
  • All the approved transaction value for a particular merchant is credited to the merchant account by the concern bank at the end of the day
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