X-Cart / CMS Development / Customization

X-cart is an open-source CMS which is based on PHP Smarty template software making it highly adaptable to the GUI features and other imperative functionalities that is required of a well designed and developed ecommerce website. It is highly scalable, easy to install, cost effective and free from logical limitations. It can be easily optimized for smooth performance for up to 20000 products which is further scalable to 50000 products.

At Grapes Digital , we develop X-Cart based websites that are as per the specific requirements of the clients. However, we do not limit its future scope and develop the websites in a manner that facilitates its scalability. We make sure that each and every code used in its development of the X-Cart website is logical, free from error and compliant to W3C standards. Our X-Cart experts have vast experience in designing X-Cart modules for varied functionalities as per your requirements.

Why X-Cart?

X-Cart as a popular option of ecommerce development platform offers innumerable benefits. Some of the worth mentioning advantages and features that makes X-Cart a popular ecommerce CMS options are as follows.

  • It is a turnkey package and can be installed very easily by following a step-by-step wizard.
  • Apart from being flexible and highly scalable X-Cart is search engine friendly.
  • Its source code and SQL tables could be customized and extended for MySQL database.
  • X-Cart is has an integrated HTML catalog functionality, which allows it to take an advantage of dynamic as well as static content
  • X- Cart is compatible with all popular payment gateways
  • It also supports WordPress as a part of X-Cart development allowing users to take advantage of both the platforms in a single storefront and under a single customer account
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