Hire WordPress Developers

WordPress is one of the most loved and user friendly CMSs’. It is believed to be simple both for users and for administrators. It is loaded and also compatible with thousands of Plug-ins enhancing its functionality. And there comes the complex part of managing a WordPress website. With so many Plug-ins integrated over the website, without any update of the core structure, the functionality and general navigation suffers; further hampering your online business prospects. To steer you out of such a fix, we at Grapes Digital offer services of hire WordPress developers.

Why our WordPress Developers stand out

At Grapes Digital, we have highly experienced WordPress developers. You only require identifying your requirements and discussing with us. We will suggest you Hire WordPress developers plans basis your need. We have the best pool of talent and some of the factors that make our team of WordPress developers for hire stand out and be the best are as follows.
Hire WordPress Developers
  • They are proficient in anything from full site setup and theme customization to minor tweaks
  • They are regular contributors to Codex and Wordcamps
  • They have expertise in converting existing HTML site to WordPress
  • They love troubleshooting, fixing WP bugs and other technical errors
  • They have proven expertise in integrating WP ecommerce
  • They know what it takes to truly customize WordPress as required
  • They are impeccable with integration and customization of WordPress
  • They are adept with third party tools & APIs
  • They have in-depth knowledge of PHP, AJAX, MySQL & Jquery

Area of expertise of our WordPress Developers

We have successfully completed more than 1000? WordPress projects in the last 5 years. We boast of a happy clientele throughout the world geography and continuously strive to offer the best talent required for your WP projects. Some of the key expertise that our WordPress developers for hire rightfully boast of includes the following.

  • Multiuser website development
  • Premium theme customization and integration
  • WordPress Migration
  • Theme design and Customization
  • WordPress Ecommerce Development and Customization
  • Developing SEO friendly WordPress Website and Blogs
  • WordPress Troubleshooting and Upgrade
  • WordPress Page Layout Customization
  • WordPress Plugin Customization & Integration

How You Benefit?

  • You have the liberty to choose specialized developers for specific requirements (such as theme developer for Themes, Plug-in Developers form Plug-ins)
  • You can also choose a mix team as per your varying requirement
  • You save money with pay for exact billable hours even in case of monthly plans
  • You get a dedicated single point of contact in form of a Project Manager
  • You benefit from the expertise of our adept developers who are regularly trained as per latest developments of the subject matter
  • You also benefit from our timely work delivery ensuring you do not face any business downtime