Why you need the best XHTML/CSS Conversion Service

You have envisioned of a layout that need to be transformed into a website. That requires XHTML/CSS conversion service only from the best agency. A perfect design which has taken hours of hard work and vision need a perfect for codes. And that is why you need Grapes Digital to convert your PSD to XHTMNL/CSS. Because we at Grapes ensure the following.

True Transformation

If you have thought of your home page to contain rich texts and graphics, so it should have the same. Many a time, regular agencies fail to do justice with what you have envisioned, both in terms of elements and functionality and so the end result is not as you require. Lack of skill, experience and expertise are some of the factors that hamper true transformation. We at Grapes Digital convert your design pixel by pixel into the same HTML.
Quality of Code
Advancement in technology offer tools, software and options to cut down on manual work. Several existing software can easily create code for quick XHTML/CSS conversion. However, that work is not clean and is bugged with errors you might not be able to find. But, the same errors hamper the prospect of your online business in the long run. Copies of codes used for similar purposes offer another nuisance and are also a commonplace practice for those who do not bother about the quality of deliverable.
It is not uncommon to find great looking websites that sit idle as there are no visitors over it. Even if a lot of money is pumped in marketing and advertisement, these website behave as inert platform. The reasons may not be limited to poor marketing efforts; rather, the problem of non-performance can actually be due to poorly optimized conversion service. No matter what sort of layout you have envisioned, the main motive of getting it transformed into a website through XHTML/CSS conversion is of generating business. But, if the website is not properly optimized to support internet marketing efforts then it will remain to be a non performer despite dedicated marketing attempts. We at Grapes Digital , adhere to strict guidelines of converting PSD to XHTML.
Timely Delivery
Web is dynamic and ever changing, if you are missing on opportunity ‘Now’, then you are losing business and adding on heaps of notional loss. This happens when your regular XHTML/CSS conversion agency, takes a lot of time to convert your design. Further, if you do not like the work, you might even go for a complete change and such things not only eat away your precious time but are also adding on to your monetary implications. Whereas, Grapes Digital , as an agency delivers as per your requirement within a time frame that we have agreed upon.

Our XHTML/CSS Conversion Service

You want your online presence in form of a website that is aesthetically appealing and full of features. You wish that it is loved for its looks and vied for what it offers. Further, you have one coveted sketch of your website, which is yet to take shape, then, wait no more; we know how to create awesome websites through XHTML/CSS conversions.

At Grapes Digital we believe in functional web elements that are coded to perfection. Our team of programmers specializes in slicing, chopping and coding as per your specific requirements. We design and develop skins, templates and themes, modules, elements for all major content management systems (CMS) such as Word Press, Magento, Joomla and Drupal.

Benefits of Our XHTML/CSS Conversion Services

  • Exceptional quality at affordable prices
  • Flat 50% discount on each secondary page
  • 100% hand coded mark-ups which ensure unmatched quality
  • Semantic codes that are search engine friendly
  • Completely Optimized XHTML and CSS codes for enhanced performance
  • W3C validated codes
  • Cross browser compatibility for superior performance
  • Blog, CMS and shopping cart integration along with Java Script (JS) implementation

How our XHTML/CSS Conversion Service helps you

You get the best of what you want
We sincerely stick to the layout provided by you along with other clearly defined scope of the project ensuring we offer you deliverable that you have envisioned and is best for your online business or presence. Each and every element and its functionality are predefined and are executed to perfection. We strive to deliver the best of what you want ensuring you benefit from our services.
W3C Compliant Clean Code
No software or automated coding program could ever be able to replicate the excellence of human skills. At least not for now and further we do not believe in offering you substantial codes. Rather, each and every bit of the code is written strictly as per W3C specifications and is further checked for error by our quality control team. All of our efforts are directed and dedicated to offer flawless code quality ensuring you get what you have paid for.
Agile and Performance Driven
No matter how design and graphic rich your layout is, we will code it perfection and present to you an agile and performance driven XHTML/CSS deliverable as your web property. At Grapes Digital , we make it a habit to code it light and functional. We understand how important it is for your website to be searchable and therefore we even slice each and every image used for fast loading and better visibility over search engines. Further we also use tables less layout that are lightweight and help your website score over its competitors. The coding is as per SEO semantics ensuring that all your search engine marketing efforts over the website are completely reciprocated with beneficial results.
Business centric least TAT policy
We never miss our deadlines nor have we ever tried finding any shortcut to success. We take your project and provide you with a turnaround time only after properly assessing it. Hand coded Markup with clean code and that too in minimum possible turnaround time is what we offer you with our XHTML/CSS conversion service. We also offer you limited period of technical support and all round the clock customer service assistance. Our service, other than offering you the best quality of XHTML/CSS conversion, also ensures that it is well within your specified budget and helps you improve your ROI.